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During the course of normal driving, tires often come in contact with things such as glass or nails, which may cause punctures to occur. A tire low on air or flat (no air) can severely affect vehicle handling characteristics braking ability and tire service life. A complete repair by using a tire repair patch by Removing tire from rim, inspect and repair tire tread area after a puncture or cut has occurred and Reset/activate tire pressure monitoring system (if applicable


BALANCE: Day to day tire wear and road conditions cause change in the weight distribution around the tire and wheel assembly. Balancing the wheel and tire help minimize the vibration felt in the steering wheel, seat and floorboard and aids in proper tire tread wear.
ROTATION: Front tires tend to wear on the outside edges of the tread faster and the rear tires tend to wear more in the middle tread faster. Rotating the tires every 5000-7000 miles helps the tires wear more evenly.